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Green Call 2020

  • Published on January 12, 2021
Green Call is a one-month long project launched in April 2016 to engage EEG’s Student Members to collect mobile phones for recycling. The positive results encouraged EEG to open it up to other strata of society in 2017 and to link it to ‘For Our Emirates We Plant’ programme in 2018 by awarding the participants a tree to plant under their name. The project requires student members, schools and companies to collect and deposit 15, 65 and 50 pieces of mobile phones respectively in one month.
• To create awareness at the grass roots level on the need to preserve the environment by specifically engaging the EEG student members • To educate people on the need for suitable waste management practices - specifically to 'Rethink, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle' • To create more action platforms to engage different sectors of the society. • To contribute to energy and water conservation and the reduction of pollution. • To reduce the volume of waste going to landfills and promote the regular practice of recycling to achieve this goal. • To encourage recycling as a means to conserve resources and achieve circular economy Since its inception in 1991, EEG has been synonymous with efficient waste management through its year-around recycling campaigns and drives. EEG has been successful in collecting and depositing ¬¬¬64,104 mobile phones for recycling since it rolled out mobile recycling in 2009. EEG also organises several dialogue sessions with schools and private organisations to raise awareness on mobile phone recycling. The Green Call project was initiated in 2016, targeted towards student members to collect mobile phones for recycling however, due to its success and growing popularity the project was opened for all entities to participate in 2018. In 2020, Project Green Call had the following impacts: • Collection of 483 mobile phones for recycling • Saving of ¬¬¬397 trees; and • Saving of 1,684 gallons of gasoline The Green Call project serves as an effective implementation of the UN SDG No 12 (Responsible Production and Consumption) by helping promote the concept of circular economy in e-waste management. The Project Green Call of 2020 also resulted in the planting of 13 native trees in the UAE, thereby successfully implementing UN SDG No 13, 15 & 17(Climate Action, Life on Land & effective partnerships). In the upcoming year, we would like to: 1. Invite like-minded entities such as government agencies, private sector organisations and media houses to create more traction and reach out to more participants 2. Collaborate with schools and universities to invite more students and youth to participate in the movement 3. Partner with telecommunication companies to help expand the reach of the programme by offering more incentives 4. Get mobile phone companies on board to develop short and effective films that can be shown to students in schools highlighting the importance of mobile recycling.
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