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Global Search for Sustainable schools - Cambodia

  • Published on June 11, 2020
Eco school programs have laid a promising foundation for the development of environmental education within Cambodia. However, the number of schools involved in these activities remain low, and there is a need to further encourage participation as well as build institutional capacity to fully disseminate the concept broadly. This project will, therefore, build on these foundations through a sustainable school, internal capacity building, and awareness-raising to promote sustainable lifestyle.
• Mainstream a shared vision of sustainable schools: further disseminate a common framework of understanding of sustainable lifestyles through a multi-disciplinary approach; • Integrate sustainable lifestyle principles and practices in school curricula through the development of environmental education materials; • Capacity building for achieving greening of the learning process and learning environments; • Empower teachers, students and communities to adopt sustainable lifestyles through active participation and education; The project will develop initial national search guidance - a new criteria that is also compliant with existing national guidelines on Eco-schools, aligned with ASEAN Eco-School guidelines, and its implementation nationwide. Hence, the project will strongly support national efforts for environmental awareness rising through reaching out to students and communities. This increased awareness, within the framework of the on-going national efforts, will help sustain achievements and create a space for further expansion following the end of the project. The combined commitments of and good collaboration between the MoEYS and the MoE on both the existing eco-schools project and this new project will ensure that schools can be assisted in sustaining their achievements and that activities can be further expanded.
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