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German Government's Too Good for the Bin Initiative

  • Published on February 5, 2018
The initiative aims at reducing food waste in Germany. The initiative aims at helping consumers to reduce their food waste by applying 10 `golden rules´ of food waste reduction. The rules range from reducing shopping lists to proper refrigeration to usage of leftovers. The initiative also works with stakeholder groups.
As part of a campaign to reduce food waste among consumers and along the entire supply chain, the Ministry of Food and Agriculture launched the "Too good for the bin" initiative to engage citizens, companies and organizations in saving food. The goal of the initiative is to cut in half the estimated 11 million tons of wasted food by 2030. The average German throws away 82 kilos (181 pounds) of unused food every year, much of it preventable waste that impacts the environment and the economy. This initiative argues that we can all do our bit to reduce food waste because the reasons for wasting food are simple: we often buy too much and do not plan what we want to buy. We often store our food wrongly and lose track of what we have. We cook more than we actually need and do not use the leftovers. The initiative presents the "10 golden rules for preventing food from being wasted". The initiative offers background information and useful tips for everyday life, and show how we can better buy, store and eat food. There is also an app which provides cooking ideas for preparing a meal from leftovers. Here is the website of the campaign (German only):

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