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  • Published on January 9, 2017® offers workshops on sustainable lifestyles for urban people. We teach practical solutions to sustainable consumption such as: calculate your ecological footprint; learn how smart consumption directly affects climate change, your health & your bank account; learn how you can start to change your life right away; learn how to be creative & tolerant while refusing, reducing and recycling; learn the basic principles of circular economy, zero waste and cradle to cradle, etc.
We are professionals dedicated to improving resource efficiency by changing consumer's behavior. Overconsumption is the main cause for climate change and rapid decrease of biodiversity. We help people understand that all living things and the elements need to be in balance in order to make life on this planet prosper. If current trends continue, by 2030, humanity will need the equivalent of two Earths to support itself, according to recent studies. This is clearly not viable in a world where climate change will make it even harder for the natural world to provide for our needs. Our consumption habits are putting our resources levels at great risk. Yet, people have so many decisions to make in their daily lives that they most often choose the easiest. They are unaware of how important their choices are to save resources for coming generations. ​What food will I eat? What house will I live in? How will I get to work in the morning? What type of clothes will I wear? How will I spend my spare time?® will guide people in finding the answers.® offers regular workshops for citizens in the urban area of Zürich. At least once a month practical workshops with tips and tricks for sustainable consumption and living are held in different parts of the city. 3-4 experts lead the workshop modules, explaining, testing, discussing and setting goals for the participants. We cooperate with several partners which provide the location and a specific public for our workshops. Our target audience rages form 18-70 years in age and has a very diverse social and economical background. We boost the already existing trend towards sustainable lifestyles offering ready to go solutions for your everyday life. Each workshop participant has the instruments to become a role model in his social environment. Our workshops convey the UNEP Framework for Shaping Sustainable Lifestyles (©United Nations Environment Programme, 2016) and adapt it to life in Switzerland. Each participant of our workshops becomes an expert in sustainable lifestyles and acts as a role model in his social environment. We expect to boost the already existing trend towards sustainable lifestyles offering ready to go solutions for people's everyday life. Learn more here: We are looking for funding for this year's workshops which will start in April 2017 on a monthly bases. Everything is set up, since we have conducted successful workshops in 2016. Locations, experts and partners are just waiting for this year's workshops to be financed. We are applying for funding here in Switzerland but would be very glad to get some help from international funds. For more information please contact: Gabriele Kull,®,
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