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Finding the right tools to promote ESL

Purpose / Objective:

The project “Finding the right tools to promote ESL” focused on sharing information by facilitating the dissemination of resources in a creative, friendly and inspiring way. The navigation tool was aimed at educational authorities and in particular at national focal points for the SDG’s, the 10-YFP, and the GAP. Policy makers, teachers and others working to promote #SDG4 and #SDG12.

Body of Text:

CCL and PERL partners at the Collaborating Centre on Sustainable Consumption and Production (CSCP) at Wuppertal, Germany identified the following problem: National focal points have indicated that the kind of information they need is not available in a format, which is easily available to them. This problem was identified (in 2016) after 30 national focal points were contacted briefly to ask them about the availability of Resources for Education for Sustainable Lifestyles. Based on this identified problem, a proposal for how to design an online navigation tool was made. Firstly, an online navigation tool was created, with the assistance of CSCP, to help bring Education for Sustainable Lifestyles into the ESD and global citizenship education contexts around the world. The online navigation tool was an interactive poster which was available for downloading through the PERL website at: – Resources. In total two posters were created, one was the interactive poster and the other was an interactive list of the available resources. Please find both attached at the end of this report. Secondly, five categories were chosen to class the available resources for Education for Sustainable Lifestyles. These were, Curriculum Guidelines; Learning Materials; Resource Materials for Teachers; Community Based Social Learning; and Additional Resources. Thirdly, a selection of resources were made. In order to help navigate through these available resources, PERL and CSCP classed them according to one of the five categories described in the above section. Fourthly, contact information was collected on the national focal points for the SDG’s, the 10-YFP, and the Global Action Programme. In total 236 emails were sent out. In addition, the following number of large organisations were contacted to help spread the information about the navigation tool: - International Association of Universities (IAU), which has 1089 followers - UN SDSN, which has 19500 followers - One Planet Network, which has 2457 followers - UNESCO, which has 3 mill. followers - SDGoals, which has 25600 followers - CDETB, Curriculum Development Unit, which has 1310 followers - CSCP, which has 1562 followers Through the Twitter campaign we potentially reached: 3 051 518 followers. The Twitter campaign was prepared to go over 6 weeks and was activated a couple of weeks after the emails were sent out. The first week a Tweet was launched to introduce the following 5 weeks. In the 5 weeks that followed, a new category was launched each week. Please see attachment 3 to find an overview of the Tweet texts. Follow the link:

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