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From experimentation to dissemination of SPP in Tunisia (deployment in a pilot sector)

  • Published on January 15, 2020
The proposed activity consists in consolidating the implementation of sustainable public purchasing in Tunisia on the basis of the results of the first demonstrative activity (Institutional support and support for the implementation of the national purchasing action plan SWIM-H2020) .This activity is focused on the construction sector (identified as the pilot sector of the 6 from the SPP national action plan) and aims to support public bodies to implement real sustainable purchases
The main objective targeted by this activity is the establishment of a concrete approach for the application of SPP in Tunisia within the framework of the implementation of the SPP nation plan and the specific SPP regulation .. The specific objectives consist in raising awareness among public purchasers in order to achieve the following results: • Encourage the evolution of demand for sustainable purchasing which takes into account the challenges of environmental protection and sustainable development, and which values ​​the role of the market in this direction; • Define and promote operational tools adapted to public buyers, which allow better control of changes in sustainable consumption and production and contribute to better integration of sustainable development in public commands focused on a pilot product (building) Organization of a workshop to mobilize decision-makers and identification of Sustainable Development criteria related to the buidling sector (technical tool kit) Development of awarness and communication tools ( booklet and special website and platform to highlight and document the results of the project ) Technical support activities for the implementation of the sustainable public purchasing approach in the pilot sector with pilot purchasers including coaching workshops for public purchasers implementation guidelines with case studies issued from the assistance activity strategic note to decision makers on SPP implementaion approach and recommandations sharing SPP case studies and methological guideline and toolkits
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