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  • Published on February 1, 2022

Croatian Ministry of Tourism and Sports coordinates the EUSAIR Sustainable Tourism thematic pillar (TSG4) and is a project partner in the EUSAIR Facility Point project, with the main objective of developing the Region’s potential in terms of sustainable tourism, accelerated by offering innovative and quality tourism products and services and stimulating responsible tourism behavior involving all actors in the sector.

To achieve the abovementioned objectives, Pillar 4 focuses on two topics, through the development of seven  EUSAIR strategic projects which are to:

·         diversify the macro-region’s tourism products and services, and tackle the issue of seasonal tourism,

·         and develop sustainable and responsible tourism management.

Seven EUSAIR Pillar 4 strategic projects in sustainable tourism were  selected by nine Adriatic and Ionian member states developing for the future:

Green Mapping for the  Adriatic-Ionian Region supporting the development and market access for responsible and sustainable tourism destinations and micro/SME operations and products in the EUSAIR Region

CulTourAir project addressing the need for structured and harmonized data on sustainable cultural tourism demand in AIR and establishing a methodological framework to monitor cultural tourism demand characteristics.

AIR Cultural Routes addressing the need for harmonized distribution of tourism flows through macro-regional remote territories using cultural routes as tool for the creation of innovative diversified tourism products, to provide sustainability of depopulated areas, new jobs and creative new participatory offer rooted in European thematic approach.

CRUISAIR addressing the need for better management of cruise destinations, both seaside and continental ones in order to redistribute cruising through small ports and expand the tourist season;

DES_AIR and ProDestAIR projects are addressing the need for responsible and  sustainable integrated tourism destination management, providing training and educational programmes for that purpose as well as actions plans and strategic approach to destinations  

Living The Sea 4.0 project addressing the need for digitalisation of intangible cultural heritage of fishing traditions and fish industry for creation of virtual touristic points of interest in EUSAIR, reviving the fishery villages as well as crafts, resulting in interactive participatory tourism products.

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