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Envisioning Future Low-Carbon Lifestyles and Transitioning Instruments

  • Published on January 15, 2019
With the help of our global advisory group, the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) and One Earth are examining how the way we live our daily lives – our choices, habits and the context within which we live – have can have a positive effect on our planet, our communities and our wellbeing both now and in the future through an assessment of current policies, instruments and initiatives as well as visions and scenarios for the future
To address the above issues through the 10YFP SLE programme, this project is made of two subcomponents with overall objectives to: i. Develop an empirical analysis of current policies, instruments and frameworks that can support transitioning to future sustainable lifestyles; ii. An assessment of scientifically developed future scenarios, and construction of framework for envisioning and development of scenarios for future sustainable lifestyles; iii. Strengthen and draw on the expertise of the SLE MAC programme to support policy makers and practitioners on evidence-based approaches and positive visions for future lifestyles. Development of international advisory group; literature review and global scan; development of framework; development and implementation of call for case studies; advisory group workshop; final report and recommendations. Further knowledge products will be forthcoming. The initiative will provide an overview of the current status of actual policies and initiatives as well as visions and scenarios. It will provide a description of the current barriers and gaps with sustainable lifestyles activities and thinking, and describe the pathway forward to truly sustainable ways of living.

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