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Earth Charter Young Leaders Network

  • Published on July 4, 2019
The future at once holds great peril and great promise.The Earth Charter Initiative counts on a diverse, interactive, global youth network representing over 100 countries from around the world to promote and implement the Earth Charter locally and globally. Those active in the Youth Network have embraced and integrated the Earth Charter into their studies, work, and daily lives. Youth can further develop their capacity and increase their impact as leaders through engaging with the Earth Charter.
The ECI Secretariat has been engaging, training, and motivating youth who are working to create a better world, offering the Earth Charter as a united vision and ethical guide. In recent years, ECI has been working with and for youth in the following ways: Youth Projects with Strategic Partners Online Courses Earth Charter Young Leaders Programme Mapting Earth Charter Youth Stories Webinars Workshops The Earth Charter Young Leader (ECYL) Programme is an avenue for emerging sustainability leaders to build their leadership and knowledge while supporting and expanding the Earth Charter Youth Network. ECYL are alumni from the current Leadership, Sustainability, and Ethics (LSE) online course who have been invited to stay connected with the Earth Charter Youth Network for another year. ECYLs act as focal points within the Earth Charter Youth Network (ECYN), connecting with, motivating, and engaging their contemporaries to join the movement and shape a more peaceful, just, and sustainable world. These young leaders, aged 18-30, collaborate with Earth Charter International (ECI) to help create, run, and participate in courses, workshops, and webinars, design and implement media communication strategies, and more. ONLINE COURSES ECI plans and facilitates online courses in English and Spanish, training hundreds of youth on Leadership, Sustainability, and Ethics inspiring Earth Charter-related projects all over the world. Current Youth Course offered four times a year in English and Spanish, Leadership, Sustainability, and Ethics (LSE). WEBINARS ECI organizes webinars in English, Spanish, and French to provide youth from around the world with a virtual space CSAYN Webinarwhere they can interact with each other to stay informed on current topics, learn relevant skills, and learn how to use the Earth Charter framework in working towards a more sustainable and peaceful world. Webinars are short, 1-2 hour sessions which include one or more short presentations and time for questions and answers with participants. Recent webinar topics have included Youth Engagement and the Earth Charter, climate justice, digital storytelling, writing grant proposals, education for sustainable development. Upcoming webinars include Volunteers Role in Promoting a Culture of Peace. Join our EC Youth facebook group for updates on upcoming trainings and webinars. WORKSHOPS ECI has given in-person workshops on the Earth Charter’s values, principles, and themes to groups visiting the Earth Charter Center for Education for Sustainable Development at the University for Peace in Costa Rica. ECI also maintains ongoing programmes facilitating4 workshops with local elementary schools and public universities in Costa Rica and abroad with hundreds of young people every year. MAPTING Mapting is an app where you can share and browse positive actions learning more about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Earth Charter Principles. Mapting was officially launched at an event called “Youth boosting the promotion and implementation of the SDGs” held at the United Nations Headquarters in New York on 10 November 2016. Our newest version of the app has been launched this March 2018 now with many new features and the option to download in Spanish. The Earth charter Youth Network is active in 102 different countries working through almost 260 Earth Charter Youth Groups and almost 50 Earth Charter Young Leaders. Close to 1000 Youth participated in the online youth course on Leadership, Ethics, and Sustainability. Earth Charter International had over 100 interns. from numerous disciplines and nationalities. The youth course is now being implemented into the curriculums of Universities world wide. Earth Charter International collaborates with key youth organizations that actively promote the Earth Charter in their vision, values, and work. Would ECI and your organization mutually benefit from a partnership? Please consider the following check list: Does your organization or network have an international or global scope? Is your organization youth-oriented, or does it have a particular branch or department dedicated to youth? Is your organization’s mission and vision aligned with that of the Earth Charter? Has your organization endorsed the Earth Charter? Does your organization (want to) embrace and support the Earth Charter principles and values? Does your organization (want to) directly and explicitly use the EC in activities and programming? A partnership amplifies the reach and effectiveness of both organizations to engage and train youth to be leaders in creating positive change locally and globally. For specific partnership benefits, consider the following: Acknowledgement of the partnership on ECI’s and Partner’s websites and appropriate written promotional materials Collaboration to identify specific strategies for incorporating the EC into Partner’s activities and programs Assistance in marketing relevant events and news to online networks when appropriate Neither Partners nor ECI are under any financial obligations. If you’d like to discuss partnership possibilities with ECI, please contact the Coordinator of Youth Projects at If you like to implement the youth course in your Universities curriculum to give your students the opportunity to interact with students from around the world on the topics of Leadership, Sustainability, and Ethics please contact

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