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Donating upcycled slippers

  • Published on February 21, 2020
We partnered with ONGC to donate 48,000 pairs of slippers upcycled from old shoes, to children in need in rural India. Leading to environmental good, by preventing shoes from going to landfills, economic good by jobs for upcycling footwear and social good by donating them to children in need. We do 35 of such big and small projects with corporates every year.
Objectives of this initiative are to prevent old shoes from going to landfills and upcycling and providing them to children who require them to go to schools and to protect them from infections footrelated diseases. At the same time creating employment through skill centers by upcycling footwear in rural areas. Thus creating lng term social, economic and environmental good through this project. 48,000 pairs of old shoes prevented from going to landfills 48,000 rural children across 6 states received footwear 20 people got employment in upcycling By sponsoring footwear recycling, collection of data of places where people require footwear and by helping us open skill centers.
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