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"Discover your hidden water" Campaign

  • Published on December 18, 2019
To raise public awareness about the use of water in the production of goods and services, in order to promote responsible consumption
It has been possible, in just two months, to link more than 400 young people through quices and competitions, participation in events, and a group of 43 Young leaders of different universities in Bogota committed to the campaign was built. Since the campaign is being carried out in social networks, the reach has increased in the order of 7000 new followers on both Facebook and Instagram. It is expected to continue increasing the reach, through social networks and events, and to involve companies that work with the Embassy to report to consumers their efforts to reduce water footprint. The purpose of this campaign is to raise awareness to general public about the uses of water for the production of consumer goods, so the campaign had to implement different strategies in order to make a difference. This is why, the campaign developed a series of memes and videos that could increase public's interest and deliver the message in a fun way.


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