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Digital reuse marketplace

  • Published on January 16, 2019
From our circular economy projects, we realise the limitations on the industry due to a lack of information, both regarding value and also a lack of an established market place for used materials. BAM have therefore commissioned IBM to co-develop a ‘Circular Building Platform’, a digital market place for the construction industry. BAM are currently looking to scale up the development of this platform together with industry partners to produce an industry wide platform to eliminate waste.
Reinforced digital focus and potential revenue from pursuing new business models in the development of an industry wide ‘Circular Building Platform’. The aim is to enable reuse through a marketplace which is predominantly linear, hence offering new business models to existing value chain members, to recognise value in recovering, reusing or re-purposing existing assets instead of opting to discard. Completion of a minimum viable product together with IBM. Currently setting up industry partners and investment to scale up the platform and to test on with key partners in Europe. BAM hope that the use of the tool will be beneficial to grow the reuse market place for construction materials and products. As a result of the tool, users will be able to demonstrate a higher asset value from products, and a greater awareness of asset value. The tool will be useful for owners, producers, manufacturers, suppliers, designers, waste recyclers, and many more to keep material value and utilisation at a higher level than in a linear economy.
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