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[DFTB] Digital food quality and traceability using blockchain

  • Published on November 7, 2022

The Farm To Fork Strategy


The Main Advantages Of Blockchain Technology

  • Increased security
  • Greater transparency
  • Instant traceability
  • Increased efficiency
  • Smart Automation

Consumers are still not sure what they are buying, especially for “premium” or/and organic food. It is crucial to provide the right tool to offer objective information about quality and traceability. In this way, consumers that are buying “premium” or/and organic food and are paying higher prices will be able to see the history of a specific piece of food.

Our services can significantly improve entrepreneurial business. With the help of digitalization and blockchain technology, we will show how to create a transparent supply chain from Farm to Fork that will enable customers to be well informed about the history of a specific package or piece of food from the store. The project focus will also be on food processors, customers, regulators, local government officials, and consumer protection association representatives.

By using blockchain technology, data about food quality information will be available to all participants in the supply chain and especially to consumers. By increasing the transparency and traceability, the trust level between stakeholders in the value chain increases, and “premium brands” justify the trust and receive a boost in their marketing strategies. BLOCKCHAIN SOLUTION CONSIST OF FOLLOWING ELEMENTS IN TESTING ENVIRONMENT:

  • Self-assessment tool for use by stakeholders to determine their current stage of digitalization. Output that will give directions how to use digital food quality and digitalization tools
  • Communication hub for collecting data with automatic integration to web site and blockchain
  • Web site tool for stakeholders to directly input data about their production lifecycle or supply chain that will be automatically written and sent to communication hub and written to blockchain and published on web
  • API interface for stakeholders that have their own IT system in place where they’ll send their production lifecycle or supply chain data through API to communication hub which will be automatically published on web and written in blockchain
  • Web site for consumers where they’ll be able to search by the lot number and find all relevant information about production of this specific food they are buying, search by products and by producer
Project start date

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