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Designers for the Future Competition

  • Published on August 20, 2021
This competition, initiated by UNEP Goodwill Ambassador Rami Kadi, will highlight the ability to create innovatively while remaining environmentally conscious and embracing a circular mindset. We hope that this competition will be able to demonstrate how leftover fabrics and materials can be brought back to life and utilized to their full potential. 
The textile industry is one of global importance, providing high levels of employment, foreign exchange revenue and products essential to human welfare. The world is producing and consuming more textiles than ever before, and the current very low re-use and recycling rates mean that more textiles are also being thrown away than ever before. This requires ever more land, water, and fossil fuels, and leads to increasing pollution of the air, water, and soil. However, addressing the sustainability and circularity of such a globally diverse industry, a specific feature of which is the marked power asymmetry between the suppliers and global buyers and the large numbers of small and medium-sized players operating on tight margins, presents a particular set of challenges. UNEP Sustainability and Circularity in the Textile Value Chain report). 

Calling all young regional designers with an aptitude for fashion and sustainability. With the intention of strengthening action to protect and restore nature and the nature-based solutions to achieve the SDGs in its three complementary dimensions (social, economic and environmental) UNEP West Asia, in collaboration with world-renowned designer, Rami Kadi, and Jamalouki magazine, are launching a regional competition calling for talents of all ages. 


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