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The Consumer Information Programme session at the CRB conference: Sustainability Information to Empower Consumers

  • Published on November 12, 2020
The Centre for Responsible Business, one of the MAC members of the Consumer Information Programme, hosts an annual India and Sustainability Standards Conference. This year, the Consumer Information Programme hosted a session at the conference entitled Sustainability Information to Empower Consumers.
- Showcase work of the Consumer Information Programme of the One Planet network. - Showcase the Consumer Information Programme as a strong network of actors progressing towards SDG 12 through the spirit of collaboration, linking-up to scale-up and ongoing promotion of SCP (sustainable consumption and production). - Illustrate the importance of reliable and accessible consumer information as a useful tool for encouraging sustainable consumption with links to the Guidelines for Providing Product Sustainability Information (UNEP & ITC, 2017). Different forms of consumer information will be presented in the session. - Explore the efficacy of Voluntary Standards and Certification Schemes (in consumer facing sectors), in providing reliable information to consumers to make an informed choice - Knowledge about consumer information tools as a significant contribution to SDG12, is enhanced. - Challenges and opportunities for policy makers, business and NGOs regarding consumer information are identified and actions to be taken are formulated.
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