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  • Published on January 6, 2015
The EU-funded CommONEnergy project, launched in October 2013, will turn "energivore" shopping centres into energy efficiency lighthouses. This FP7 project gathers 23 partners representing various industry stakeholders and research and academia from ten European member states. By focusing on shopping malls, the project intends to reach a great number of stakeholders, such as tenants, employees, clients and building professionals. Researchers and industry partners will be teaming up to look for solutions and strategies to transform shopping malls into energy efficient architectures and systems. The solutions will be submitted to a real-life test, on three specific demonstration cases in Italy, Norway and Spain. More information on the project's website:
Increasing consumer awareness is one of the key targets of this project. The objective is to re-conceptualize shopping malls through deep retrofitting based upon a systemic approach involving new technologies and solution sets as well as methods and tools supporting their implementation. The premise will be to ensure that the buildings maintain a good indoor environment and contribute in a cost-effective way to an efficient and environmentally friendly neighbourhood development. The soundness of the solutions and approach will be confirmed based on three case studies in Italy, Norway and Spain. A toolkit will also be produced, with guidelines on how to approach the energy-efficient renovation of commercial buildings. Aside from this, technical workshops will contribute to training skilled practitioners and to produce a domino effect maximising the project benefits. This project will play an active role in shaping EU policy by providing well-structured information on suitable retrofitting solutions and relative support tools for shopping malls. The project benefits will be shared with a broad audience, thereby creating awareness for the importance of a more sustainable consumer behavior.

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