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Climate Action Campaign Tracker

  • Published on September 1, 2020
CACT is a program by which we (YFB) identify individuals from youth segment who are committed and enthusiastic regarding environment and climate change. By tracking and connecting them through our campaign; we share ideas and initiatives that can prepare the whole nation to face the climate war. As a program activity we are organizing seminars, national and international day celebrations, and international events and workshop at different schools, colleges, universities & institutions.
Amongst the different environmental issues climate change is the main concern of the world. Climate changes are mostly alarming for upcoming world. We have global expertise to design different role model depend on different actions to work on climate issue. Due to lake of contribution on this issue we can’t work proper way globally. Youth are the future leaders, planners and decision-makers of our nation. They are the most energetic and productive segment of the total population over the world. For any kind of changes we need to engage large number of youth people in order to climate changes issue. Understanding the power of youth we need to take this kind of initiatives to confirm youth engagement. Climate action campaign tracker is a campaign to engage and aware people on climate Action. Program Activities CACT Campaign Workshop Workshop on Climate Change and it effects An interactive workshop engaging youth with different climate games that create awareness on climate change and its adverse effect on the most vulnerable victims of climate change. Seminar/Discussion Session Awareness and discussion session regarding SDGs and climate change. Survey Video Statement/Feedback Produce an official video or written statement expressing your youth opinions, ideas, and concerns surrounding the imperative need for climate action in your country and beyond. CACT is a global movement to aware and engage people with the global initiatives. Its a very unique idea to work on climate action. We need financial assistance to success this unique movement. Requesting interested stakeholders to engage with this initiatives. Stakeholders can join with us in different way. There is no special condition.
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