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Circulents - The New Consumers: Leadership Programme for Circular Economy

  • Published on February 9, 2022

The aim is to form a new generation of trendsetters and leaders - circulents - to create a more sustainable future. The Leadership Program in Circular Economy will be educating 30 young participants from the Nordic and Baltic Sea Region on how to become leaders within the field of circular economy. The program consists of a course that is conducted online starting at the beginning of May running until mid-June.

The leadership programme was created by ReGeneration 2030 and The Swedish Association for Responsible Consumption with support from The Nordic Council of Ministers, with the view to unite young people across the Nordic and Baltic Sea regions to learn about the circular economy and empower youth to take action.

"I am thrilled that we are able to offer this opportunity to young people who are interested in becoming future leaders in the field of circular economy. The interest for the programme has been large, which is a clear indication of the importance of these types of youth ventures. I am glad that we have a diverse group of participants from all over the region and that we can offer a platform where the young people can meet, learn and become future leaders together." - Ella Turta, Secretary-General at ReGeneration 2030.

Throughout the programme, four different topics were addressed: Sustainable and Circular Lifestyles, Entrepreneurship - Redesigning Business Models, Political Advocacy, and Systems Thinking. All participants in the programme attended four full-day digital meetings where different inspirational guests spoke about their expertise in the field. Some of the speakers were Elin Bergman, Chief Operating Officer at Cradlenet, Tim Forslund, Circular economy expert at SITRA, Hanna Törmänen, Innovation adviser at Nordic Innovation, Ingmar Rentzhog, CEO of We Don’t Have Time and Carl Schlyter, Campaign Manager at Greenpeace Sweden.

“Participating in the Leadership Programme in Circular Economy was an incredibly beneficial experience. It provided an opportunity to not only learn about the fundamentals of the concept of circularity from the competent experts in the Nordic and Baltic Sea region but also established a network of future leaders of the circular economy. In other words, the programme provided a necessary package of tools for starting an action towards a more circular future.” - Ugnė Budriūnaitė, participant of the Leadership Programme for Circular Economy.


This years’ cohort created a toolkit for individuals to include circular choices in their own lives and to support circular economy practices on a societal scale. This work has been compiled into a “Circulents call to action” which can be seen at

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