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Circular economy in agriculture

  • Published on February 14, 2023

The research/study provided an overview of material flows in the sectors of production of brandy, wine, beer, and processing agricultural products, as well as ways in which materials other than primary products (by-products and waste) can be used in accordance with the principles of the circular economy.

The main product of this project is the study “Circular economy in the vine, beer, and schnapps production.” This is an integral study of the possibility to integrate circular economy principles in these sectors. Many producers in sectors of vine, beer, and schnapps are growing in Serbia. Products of premium quality in these sectors are developing fast. Consumers of premium products are interested in the sustainability of the production process and the influence of this production on the environment.

As agriculture has significant consequences on the environment this analysis is giving direction for the vine, beer, and schnapps sectors on how to implement the circular economy in production and decrease its environmental influence. These sectors are also included in many governmental and EU support, so it is necessary to also follow the green agenda and carbon neutralization process.

The study is providing an overview of possibilities that different size productions can use to implement the circular economy in their business. Also, it is the starting point for the future development of educational and informational activities which should bring together future investments in those sectors and environmental protection. This is especially important because the new IPARD program is putting a lot of focus on the circular economy and environmental protection, and it is crucial to use this opportunity in the right direction.

The main portion of waste in those sectors is organic waste that usually is not used and it furtherly produces negative environmental and climate effects. The study is offering the main direction on how to use organic waste from the production process and decrease its negative effects. Also, the study is providing an overview of the vine, beer, and schnapps sector production so it can be used in the planning of future support to those sectors. A follow-up of this project should be the development of a similar study for other sectors in the processing of agricultural products and general agriculture primary production, which will be used by farmers and businessmen in the planning of its product development.

Investments in agriculture are usually very high and long-term, so it is crucial that they are sustainable and ecological, because they directly depend on the quality and conditions of the environment (land, water, biodiversity, climate).

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