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Cinegreen - Swechha Schools Program

  • Published on January 10, 2020
This project aims to focus on facilitating a culture of environmental engagement and responsible civic action for young students through learning, exposure and strategic opportunities to engage with targeted audiences and create awareness/ impact on their immediate environment. Cinegreen works across 70 schools within Delhi/NCR, engaging directly with over 7000 students and indirectly reaching out to over 70,000 students through awareness workshops, walks, filmmaking and green action projects
Through our schools program we seek to: - To develop an understanding of issues concerning Climate Change amongst young adolescents, educators, civil society leaders and facilitate a snowball effect subsequently targeting young enthusiasts, corporate and government institutions and local communities. - To establish a relation between oneself, local action on climate change, and, national / global development and environmental issues. - To develop stewardship and civic responsibility towards environmental concerns and equip young adults and educators with knowledge and skills to be able to make positive contribution towards environmental conservation and sustainable living. - To enable creation of green spaces through active involvement of young adults and adolescents to demonstrate alternative pathways to sustainable living and impact Delhi’s biodiversity first hand. - To foster and appropriately equip leaders of a sustainable tomorrow through a creative engagement process of Knowledge, Awareness and Action. The Knowledge - Awareness - Action, strategy/ approach equips Swechha’s programs with potential to foster an environment befitting for positive action by informed and appropriately equipped citizens. As a part of Swechha's school intervention programs, our team has engaged with over a million students through workshops, learning journeys, experiential walks, theme based modules, campaigns and action projects. By engaging them in various innovative and experiential learning programmes on themes of environment and active citizenship, we have worked directly and indirectly with a million young school students over the last 20 years. Some of the more prominent schools that we have worked with include Vasant Valley, Modern School, German School, American School, Pathways Schools, Bluebells International, The Indian School, Greenfields School, Heritage School Gurgaon, Ardee School, Shiv Nadar School and Mallya Aditi International School (Bangalore) to name a few. Swechha has also successfully carried out these programmes in 16 government schools (NDMC, Navyug and Kendriya Vidyalaya) across the city. As a part of the Cinegreen Schools project, Swechha has worked with over 7000 students directly, on issues of water conservation, air pollution and urban greens. This particular kind of intervention has been facilitated through awareness workshops, film screenings, experiential walks and film making courses on local environmental issues. On a larger scale the project has engaged over 70,000 students indirectly through campaigns and assemblies within each of the partner schools.
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