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CGF Food Waste Coalition of Action

  • Published on January 21, 2021
The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF)’s CEO-led Coalition of Action on Food Waste brings together 19 of the world’s largest consumer goods retailers and manufacturers with the goal of halving per capita global food loss at the retailer and consumer levels.
With its explicit CEO engagement, action-oriented commitments and passion for accelerating sustainable change on a global level, the Coalition is a leader in the effort to reduce food loss in supply chains worldwide by driving action on key issues such as public reporting, full supply chain engagement, post-harvest losses and regional challenges. Together, the Coalition and its members play a powerful role in the effort to reduce waste, reducing stress on the environment, benefitting the global economy and ensuring more food makes it to stores and onto consumers’ tables in the process. In 2020, Coalition members started critical process of aligning on standardised food waste and measurement processes, which will help identify the scope of food loss in their supply chains and own operations and inform their future actions to reduce waste. Members have worked with the World Resources Institute to scale up the Champions 12.3 10x20x30 Initiative by supporting Coalition members as they engage with their suppliers on the issue. Members have also started to engage with suppliers on post-harvest losses in order to prevent loss that occurs immediately after production at the farm-level.
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