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Centralized Public Procurement of Furniture

  • Published on June 8, 2021
The acquisition contains green and social criteria but also has a lot - adjustable offices - which is addressed to civil servants who have problems with the spine, who have disabilities or are atypical in height.
1. The centralized public procurement has in the specifications, specifications of green products. These specifications can also be found in the European Commission guide: 2. There is a lot created, height-adjustable desks, for people with disabilities, with medical or atypical height problems. 3.The procedure was divided into lots to ensure the access of SMEs. 4. In addition to the price, for the general furniture lots, the social project that will be carried out by the winning economic operator was scored, following the winning of the procedure. 5. Besides the price, for the lots of height-adjustable chairs and desks, the highest guarantee granted was scored. 1. We try to change the mentality, by giving points to the social projects that will run as a winner. 2. The aim was to purchase green products that were as sustainable as possible. 3. By dividing into lots and the other strategies approached, the participation and winning of the procedures by the SMEs was obtained. 4. Centralized public procurement considers people with disabilities, medical problems or atypical height. We hope that by promoting this acquisition, other public institutions will apply the model developed by ONAC.
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