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CEDAC - Securing rights to land and sustainable livelihoods in Battambang

  • Published on June 23, 2014
To alleviate rural poverty by securing access to land and improving quality of life of vulnerable households
i) Local authorities are able to implement social land concession (SLC) project with participation of seven rural communities to secure land rights for 1,736 vulnerable households, ii) Empowered seven communities with 8,393 people are able to use secured land for improved and sustainable livelihoods Specifically, CEDAC's role is to focus on the agriculture components of the project by improving farmer's livelihoods stakeholders 2.1.2) Organising village general meeting to introduce the project to villagers as well as to select interested farmers 2.1.3) Group training for experimenting farmers 2.1.4) Group trianing for key farmers 2.1.5) Organising exposure visits 2.1.6) Organise thematic workshop 2.1.7) Organise general assembly to set up Village based Farmer Organisations (VFOs)Organising thematic workshop 2.1.8) Organising general assembly to set up VFOs 2.1.9) Organise meeting to set up producer groups 2.1.10) Capacity building for producer committee 2.3.1) Organising meeting to set up saving groups 2.3.2) Capacity building for saving group committee 2.3.3) Group training for farmer promoters 2.3.4) Provission of grant support for fish hatchery 2.3.5) Organising training for cow bank committee 2.3.6) Vocational training for youth on bamboo handicraft Result 2.1: Improved income generation capacity of the small farmers through building capacity of 7 Village based Farmer Organizations (VFOs) on sustainable agricultural innovations and other small business investment. Result 2.3: Increased access to markets and micro-finance for small scale farmers through establishment of farmer producer groups and community led saving groups in seven villages

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