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CEDAC - Climate Change Initiative of Community Based Adaptation/Mitigation Models in Three Communes of Samaky Meanchey District , Kampong Chhnang Province (CCI-SMP)

  • Published on September 22, 2014
At least 1500 families of small rice farmers in the target area will be trained to build good rice fields following the Sre Laar model to become highly sustainable, productive and diversified fields. These families will also participate in rice mill and savings cooperatives.
i) Improving rice production through the adaption of climate-smart agriculture techniques; ii) Strengthen the adaptive capacity of community members through the reduction of hazard relating to water accessibility and management in farming practices, and to use water effectively and efficiently; iii) Increase knowledge of CC lens in commune councilors, farmer leaders and other local stakeholders for integration into the Commune Development Plans (CIPs) and annual Commune Investment Program (CDP). Result1: 100 Key Farmers (KFs) will be selected by the project based on the potential of farm development in 10 villages and 30 experienced KFs will be selected to receive additional training as Farmer Promoters (FPs), based on their capacity not only in farm management but also to train other farmers at their and neighboring villages.  Selecting and conducting the in-depth baseline assessment  Organizing the Village General Meeting  Selecting and Capacity Building of Key Farmers (KFs)  Selecting and Capacity Building of Farmer Promoter (FP) See Activities
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