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  • Published on July 4, 2022

To recognize the best sustainable initiatives in Brazil and internationally, helping promote them, BRAZTOA, the Brazilan Tour Operators' Association, created and realizes the BRAZTOA SUSTAINABILITY AWARDS, annually awarding the best initiatives - witth all nominees evaluated by a specialized jury. 

In the last two years, we have seen competition giving way to collaboration between the different players in the travel market - as the work carried out with union and partnership was fundamental for overcoming so many challenges. After the last edition of the Braztoa Sustainability Awards in 2019, the action was suspended, but in December 2021 we announced the resumption of the BRAZTOA SUSTAINABILITY AWARDS 2020/22. We made a symbolic edition, but which remained faithful to the aim of promoting the corporate culture of sustainability management and encouraging the tourism chain to act in an environmentally responsible, socially fair and economically viable way.

The awardees were chosen among 10 finalists from 104 entries received - a hard work for the jury composed by names like Alexandre Garrido (ABNT/ISO), Ariane Janér (Global Ecotourism Network), Vítor Pinheiro (UNEP), Fernando Kanni (consultant), Helena Costa ( UNB), Márcio Favilla (consultant), Jéssica Kobayashi (Senac), João Tasso (LETS), Mariana Aldrigui (USP/Fecomercio), Oliver Hillel (Biological Diversity Convention – CBD), Rafaela Lehmann (Ministry of Tourism) and Ronald Sanabria ( Rainforest Alliance), with the support of Rayane Ruas, CEO of Sprint Data and a group of student volunteers who supported the realization.

All awardees and honorees received trophies produced by Tramatusa, a local handwork association that brings together countless women in the production of decorative pieces using material dispensed by the Klabin company, known as tusa tape, prioritizing regional characteristics and meeting the main requirements of the event: reuse, innovation and, of course, sustainability. All trophies were done manually by the Tramatusa group.

The Braztoa Sustainability Award 2020/22 had support from Conserra (Serra Catarinense Tourism Council) and Amures (Association of Municipalities of the Serrana Region) as local city major partners, Iberostar as a sponsor, in addition to SANTUR (Santa Catarina) and the Ministry of Tourism and UNEP, as institutional supporters.

The long-awaited night of delivery of the Braztoa Sustainability Award 2020/22 took place at the Public Market of the city of Lages, on April 10, 2022, revealing the winners. The night was also marked by a tribute to Mr. Jose Fernandes, director of Rede dos Sonhos Hotéis Fazenda, which has already won the Braztoa Sustainability Award in 2012 and 2014. The businessman was also invited to be part of the jury of the next editions of the Award.

The live stream can be found on YouTube:



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