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  • Published on January 16, 2018
To recognize the best sustainable initiatives in Brazil and internationally, helping promote them, BRAZTOA, the Brazilan Tour Operators Association, created and realizes the BRAZTOA SUSTAINABILITY AWARDS, annually awarding the best initiatives - all evaluated by a specialized jury. To date, 79 initiatives of all regions of Brazil have been awarded in the following categories: -Braztoa Members -Tourism Partners -Travel Agencies -Lodging facilities -Innovative Projects (aimed at students).
For Braztoa, sustainability is not an abstract concept: it is applied in our everyday activities and projects. We were pioneers to internalize and disseminate the culture of sustainability for tourism operators and industry travel in Brazil. The Braztoa Sustainability Awards initially proposes to: - demonstrate the benefits of incorporating the sustainability into business management; - emphasize on sociocultural, environmental and, above all, economic pillars; - to recognize initiatives and promote them. As a result of the Award, the publication Best Practices of Sustainable Tourism was born in 2012 and brings together all the winning initiatives. Reformulated in 2016, the content was written by journalists and presents a broader view on the winners. For the first time, the publications were all made in digital format and features links to the initiatives’ website and other topics covered in the text itself. For more information, visit: We also created an interactive map alongside the Brazilian Ministry of Tourism, which highlights all the 61 Winning Initiatives of the Braztoa Sustainability Award, since 2012. It offers access to the information and images of each of the initiatives in a georeferenced way and divided by the awards years. Initially the four best-evaluated initiatives, the Top Sustainability of each edition, are shown. To access the others, just click on the award-winning icon each year. Available on Spanish, English and Portuguese languages on 78 initiatives were awared in the Braztoa Sustainability Awards, amplifying their activities inside the tourism industry. Their recognition and media coverage guarantee the continuity of the Awards for the immediate future. In 2018 we have awarded 9 initiatives, and had Ilhabela as host city. Sesc Porto Cercado - Lodging Facilities – Resorts – Top Sustainability Award The first solar power plant of the Pantanal came into operation in November 2017 as an initiative of the Hotel Sesc Porto Cercado, in Poconé, Mato Grosso. With 1,240 solar panels, the plant already produces energy to supply 50% of the hotel's need, which for 16 years has improved sustainability practices in its facilities. Beto Carrero A park is born, a forest blossoms - Beto Carrero World – Braztoa Members Award The preservation of nature was one of the main objectives of the entrepreneur João Batista Sérgio Murad, when he acquired 14 million square meters in Penha-SC and some of them creating Beto Carrero World. Of this area, five million square meters are untouched, almost double that required by law. It is an area of preserved rainforest, which gave rise to the concept of park with forest in Brazil. Ecotourism management model of Recanto Ecológico Rio da Prata and Lagoa Misteriosa – Recanto Rio da Prata - Tourism Partners Award In order to assure responsible tourist visitation, in 1999 the private reserve for the Natural Patrimony (RPPN) was established, in part of the farm. The management has as a priority the responsible use of natural resources and the minimization of environmental impacts in the activities offered. Sustainability as the main direction of our business – Vila Kalango and Rancho do Peixe Lodges - Lodging Facilities Award Preservation of the environment and sustainability were concerns of Vila Kalango Lodge owners since its construction in 1999 in Jericoacoara (CE). The inn occupies little more than 30% of the approximately 5 thousand m² of the land, in design that prioritized the existing vegetation, keeping intact the centenarian coconut palms. In 2004, when Rancho do Peixe was built on Prea beach, the concern was the same, observing the movement of the winds to dispense with the use of air conditioning, in addition to the elevation of the bungalows from the ground, allowing the winds to continue running around the area Vivejar as a case of Responsible Tourism – Vivejar - Travel Agencies Award The company aims to offer experiences in tourist destinations that have an impact on the development of the local economy and especially on the empowerment of women. Today the company has seven destinations in which the protagonists are the local communities. Nazinha’s Path – Anhembi Morumbi University - Innovative Projects Award The "Nazinha’s Path" project aims to promote sustainable infrastructure for the route, consolidating it as a route of religious tourism. Warrior Mountains of Tapuruquara Expeditions – Garupa Association – Tourism Partners - Honorable Mention In addition to ensuring the preservation and conservation of the indigenous territory, the project values the division of labor in the communities, with rotation of participating members, increasing the prospects for young people and contributing to reduce the migration to urban areas. Roraima Adventures - Honorable Mention - Travel Agencies The Boa Vista-based agency (RR), which operates trips to one of the most desirable destinations for adventures, has been able to bring together different agents in three mountain clean-up efforts. The action also included awareness-raising and oversight work to keep Monte Roraima clean. World Animal Protection - International Honorable Mention World Animal Protection (formerly known as the World Society for the Protection of Animals - WSPA) has been changing the world to protect animals for more than 50 years. The organization works to improve animal welfare and avoid suffering The 2019/2020 edition will be held in Canela, Rio Grande do Sul State in next October. Get more info on or contact Mr. Raoni Biasucci, Projects Coordinator at BRAZTOA, on

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