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Boosting Circular Economy in Serbia - Nordic Experiences

  • Published on February 15, 2022

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia (Circular Economy Hub) with Nordic Embassies promote the topic of smart cities and circular economy in Serbia and share Nordic best practices with the local stakeholders and at the same time promote business cooperation between Nordic and local companies and institutions.

Serbia is at the beginning of the process of implementing a circular economy solution. On the other hand, the Nordic countries are among the leaders in circular economy solutions. That is why the Nordic countries can inspire and help Serbia in how to work on carbon neutrality and a sustainable circular economy.

The circular economy is one of the hot topics in Serbia lately, but general public is still not fully aware of what circular economy really is. At the same time, there is a need to share the best practices with decision-makers and local institutions, as they should lead the way to the broader introduction of circular economy and principles in practice. There is also a need to promote the transition to a circular economy that requires greater citizen input so that the result could, among other benefits, create new jobs, enable sustainable resource management through sustainable consumption, as well as increase the well-being of citizens in the long run. As the experience of the Nordic Business Alliance teaches us, dealing with the circular economy requires a new kind of cooperation between the companies themselves, as well as between companies and the public sector.

At the workshops, experts from the Nordic countries discussed the following topics with representatives of local self-government: wastewater management, waste management (food, electrical, construction); packaging and deposit system; green public procurement; experiences of Nordic cities, and practical examples of solutions.

The goals of the project are set ambitiously, but the CCIS and its partners in this project believe in their feasibility in the coming period:

-           Increasing the awareness of local actors about the circular economy and giving suggestions on how to continue applying the principles of the circular economy in Serbia, based on the Nordic experience.

-           By exchanging experiences, the Nordic embassies want to support local actors in the fight against climate change and in finding ways to more efficiently manage waste, improve recycling, reduce raw material consumption, reduce emissions and pollution, and properly treat wastewater.


It is not possible to measure cost savings estimated/achieved due to the project at this moment but the savings will be significant.

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