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Best Value in Public Procurement for Sustainable Development - Inter-American Network on Government Procurement

  • Published on November 7, 2018
The overall objective is to integrate human rights throughout the procurement processes of national procurement agencies in the Americas. It is to place human rights as a primary concern in procurement and provide the agency staff with the tools and opportunities to include them at all stages of procurement. This will be achieved through guidance documents and through training.
Specific objectives will be: 1. Mapping what exists in on public procurement and human rights in the Americas; 2. Making the case for public procurement and human rights; 3. A potential project looking at an economic case for human rights and public procurement; 4. A pilot project to develop practical case study examples, and resulting guidance and policy suggestions; 5. Two outcome documents; 1) A document at the start of Year Two detailing the baseline and making the case for public procurement and human rights, 2) A document at the end of Year Three including the first document but adding in the pilot project experience, case studies, good practices, and lessons learnt, and finally guidance and policy suggestions resulting from the learnings

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