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Assessing the environmental performance of tourism accommodation in Morocco

  • Published on November 26, 2018
The project focuses on the elaboration of a methodology to assess the environmental performance of tourist accommodation establishments in Morocco and its piloting in the city of Marrakech
The pilot project in Marrakech aims to provide an environmental and economic analysis of 10 pilot hotels while offering to hotel managers action plans which calculate their economic and environmental performances for each action implemented. The project also stresses the importance of knowledge transfer, therefore an important part is dedicated to the training of Moroccan experts to the methodology. A total of 10 pilot hotels have received their environmental and economic analysis, based on audit of their overall functioning in terms of energy consumption and use of organic products; as well as they have been provided with action plans to perform their results. Based on the project's recommendations, average economic gains of 18 Dirham per overnight stay (10% of functioning costs) on the panel of the 10 participating hotels would be reached. Environmental impacts would be reduced as follows: -23% of water consumption; -26% of energy consumption; -22% of Co2 emissions; 33% of use of organic products.
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