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Alternative productions in Cuban furniture industry

  • Published on January 8, 2020
Economical use of the wastes generated in the main industry productions
Economic use of the wastes generated in the main industry productions to offer new furniture products to the population. • More efficient use of the resources utilized in furniture industry. • Reduction of the negative environmental impacts of waste generation and management. • Manufacture of furniture products of high demand by the population, with new designs and special quality attributes (80,000 units per year), which meet the needs and expectations of consumers. • Gradual increase and diversification of the production, applying sustainable practices. • Increasing consumer demand of the new products. • Procurement of an extra source of financial liquidity for the company (2,700.0 MP annually) that allows the creation of values and guarantees a stable, motivated and trained workforce. 1-Training of the actors involved in these alternative productions. 2- Evaluation of the product acceptance by consumers. 3- Diversification of alternative products offered to the population.
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