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Alliance between the tourism sector and small and medium-scale suppliers of products and services

  • Published on January 10, 2020
In accordance with the economic and social policy of Cuba, tourism organizations have been urged to contribute to local development and increase their capacity to create sources of employment and links with domestic markets. Taking this into account, hotel administrations in main tourist destinations are establishing growing ties with small and medium-scale producers and service suppliers from the non-state sector (cooperatives and self-employed persons).
Contribute to the sustainable management and performance of the hotels and their small and medium-scale producers and service suppliers from the non-state sector, as well as to the local economic development by establishing strategic alliances and cooperation ties. 1- Adoption of a diversified approach, supporting the integration of other supply chains in tourism-based economies. 2- Harnessing of the existing potential in the local and national economy and import substitution, with the associated economic, environmental and social impact, including employment generation and cost reduction. Contribution to local economic development. 3- Producers and service suppliers from the non-state sector have trained in good environmental and sanitary practices and the principles of responsibility and sustainability. 4- Excellent positioning of the three hotel in the TripAdvisor and international market. Continue strengthening alliances and links with cooperatives and self- employed persons in the territory, in order to diversify the services they can provide to the hotels in benefit of local and national economy.
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