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Agro Tourism Value Chains In Victoria Falls And Livingstone Environs

  • Published on February 1, 2018
STEMISA is implementing the agro- tourism value chains projects with the main objective of poverty alleviation. STEMISA will run capacity building workshop to train the farmers on livestock production and become meat suppliers for the hospitality and tourism business in the targeted areas. This will result to income generation, employment creation, women and youth empowerment, employment creation and reduction in poaching because farmers will also have meat for their own consumption.
1. Objective To identify the products demanded by tourism business operators in the Victoria falls 2. To capacitate the farmers to become effective and efficient suppliers of the products demanded by tourism businesses 3. To increase farmers revenue and create employment. 4. To encourage the business owners to work with communities so as to reduce poverty and improve the livelihoods of the local people. 5. Increase awareness in sustainable consumption and production of tourism resources HOW? As a result of capacity building farmers will be equipped with the right skills to run the project and generate income which can sustain their living costs thereby reducing poaching for wild animals for meat, this helps in wildlife conservation. Farmers will acquire knowledge in sustainable consumption and production of tourism resources by attending capacity building workshops run by STEMISA experts in sustainable tourism. By supplying the local hospitality and tourism businesses with meat farmers will generate some income and this will enable them to see the importance of tourism and its value to local communities therefore they will support the tourism activities and use the tourism resources wisely. Completed the business plan for the project Market research Sourcing for funds Running capacity building workshops in the Southern Africa to raise funds for the project STEMISA is expecting the following results from the project: Increased awareness on the importance of community involvement. Increase in the farmers’ income Improved living standards Creation of employment Good relations between tourism and hospitality business operators and farmers Improved awareness in sustainable, community and ecotourism Increase awareness in sustainable consumption and production of tourism resources Providing technical assistance as experts for the project Providing infrastructure, equipment and resources Providing funding any amount is appreciated
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