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AGEC law in France (law against wastage and for circular economy)

  • Published on January 8, 2021
HOP was an important stakeholder during the legislative process for the AGEC law in France (law against wastage and for circular economy). The law was passed in February 2020 and contains important points to go towards products lifetime extension
Concerning product lifetime extension and consumer information the main advances: • a reparability index for 1st January 2021, turning into a durability index for January 2024 • a minimum availability period of 5 years for spare parts for some products, and a better consumer information on spare parts availability in general • 6 months warranty extension in the case of a reparation • intentional non-reparability of a product is forbidden • establishment of a financial funds to make products reparation cheaper in 2022 • establishment of financial funds to facilitate products reuse in 2022 Now HOP is going to be vigilant about reparability index enforcement, and next year about reparation and reuse funds. This law is a great step forward more durable and repairable products.
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