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Adaptation to climate change in the tourism sector (ADAPTUR)

  • Published on February 14, 2021
On behalf of the Federal Ministry for the Environment (BMU), the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) is supporting the tourism sector in adapting to climate change. The aim is to reduce the business risks of tourism companies and protect their natural capital (such as beaches, reefs, rainforests, and biodiversity) and ecosystem services (water supply, protection against hurricanes, floods, landslides, etc.).
The ADAPTUR project works in three tourist destinations in Mexico: Riviera Nayarit-Jalisco (on the Mexican Pacific), San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato (in the Bajío region of Central Mexico) and Riviera Maya (in the Mexican Caribbean). National level: • Contributing that Mexico will achieve its international obligations in the adaptation of climate change (NDCs). • Development of a National Plan for the tourism sector as part of the National Plan for Adaptation (NAP) Federal level: • Elaboration of an economic analysis about the impacts of climate change on the tourism sector • Assistance in the integration of criteria and adaptation measures in sectoral plans and processes (e.g. programms of investment) • Intermediation of public-private dialogue Local level: • 10 projects of adaptation in climate change together with touristic companies • Sensibilization of the stakeholders about the outcome of climate change • Intermediation of intersectoral dialogues
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