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Action "Plant a tree"

  • Published on February 12, 2022

The third cycle of the project "Plant a tree" has been planned in the seven-month period, with planting 200,000 trees throughout Serbia, and continuing information and education activities, with the aim of changing the habits of citizens. The topics of the project are biodiversity, the importance of human connection with nature and the importance of educating and informing the public about nature conservation and protection, and the importance of sustainable consumption to enable the conservation of forest ecosystems.


It is estimated that more than 60 percent of the world's ecosystems have been degraded in modern times. One of the biggest threats to biodiversity is the impact of climate change, which greatly affects forest ecosystems. The project aims to change the way of behaving, which has the effect of mitigating the consequences of the currently most common linear economy and promoting the circular economy, the implementation of which enables the reduction of waste and less impact on climate change, which is especially important for preserving forests as a natural resource.

By participating in educational programs, the youngest learn about the world of nature, forest etiquette, and how to behave when they come to protected areas as tourists. First of all, what is allowed and what is forbidden to do in a protected area or forest, in order to preserve its resources for future generations.

The main goal of the Project is support actions to increase forest cover, since trees are one of the main resources used by people for various production purposes. In addition, this project also supports specific actions that encourage responsible production, primarily through opportunities and incentives that allow owners of agricultural land to plant a forest on their plots.

The project was accompanied by a media campaign showing videos, promotional documentaries, and newspaper articles on the importance of rational forest use, sustainable production and consumption of wood products, as well as the importance of recycling and preserving forest ecosystems.


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