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Traditions-Tastes-Regions (TTR) Program

  • Published on January 25, 2021
One of the objectives of the EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) is the promotion of environmental friendly production, including local production. In 1993 the European Economic Community launched the Euroterroirs program, aiming at collecting traditional agricultural and food products of its member states. Following this example Hungary launched a similar program in 1998 entitled "Traditions-Tastes-Regions" (TTR), resulting in a collection of 300 traditional and regional products from 7 Hungarian regions. In order to support traditional products and their producers, in 2009 the Ministry of Agriculture launched a tender for obtaining the TTR mark with the double aim: to broaden the TTR collection and to make TTR products more known. The TTR collection provides an excellent basis for the Hungarian traditional and regional products for the recognition by the European Union (PDO-Protected Designation of Origin, PGI-Protected Geographical Indication, TSG-traditional speciality guaranteed).
Promoting local production and local consumption, conserving local/regional traditions, using traditional local knowledge and local resources, therefore supporting local producers (employment, less transportation, less emission) and local communities.

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