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Sustainable Development Strategy of the Walloon Region

  • Published on September 28, 2014
The Sustainable Development strategy of Wallonia provides a framework for long-term thinking for all stakeholders concerned about finding solutions to environmental, economic and social challenges by the year 2050. It also provides a galvanizing framework to turn these challenges into economic and social opportunities, and generate a new prosperity which is more respectful of people and their environment. Five challenges are highlighted in this first strategy: 1) deepening of social divide, 2) climatic disturbances, 3) demographic changes, 4) restoration and protection of biodiversity, 5) energy transition. Seven themes were identified to address these challenges and promote sustainable development in Wallonia among which sustainable consumption and production. For each of these themes, the strategy includes a vision for 2050 that should guide the actions of decision makers in the long run, and an overview of existing quantitative targets between now and 2050.

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