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Sustainable Consumption and Production Roadmap of Lao PDR 2022-2025, Vision 2030

  • Published on January 15, 2023

The 9th National Socio-Economic Development Plan (2021-2025) and the National Green Growth Strategy to 2030 has clearly mentioned in policy to transform the development platform of Lao PDR in green and sustainable development by transforming to each sectoral planning which in Natural Resources and Environment sector, the waste management is a framework of sustainable consumption and production platform is issued in environment target 3 of the 5 years work plan 2021-2025 of the Natural Resources and Environment for Green and Sustainable Development.

Sustainable Consumption and Production or SCP is a Sustainable Development Goal number 12 aims to guarantee responsive natural resources consumption to be sustainable way and is divided into 2 parts such as: the consumption and using the natural resources in manufacturing which Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment is the National Focal Point.

As Sustainable Consumption and Production is a cross sector implementation and multi-sectional concern such as: Industry and Commerce Sector, Agriculture and Forestry Sector, Energy and Mines which concern to product manufacturing through resources consumption; Natural Resources and Environment Sector, Public Works and Transportation Sector, Education and Sport Sector, Information, Culture and Tourism Sector and related sectors is related to the waste management from production,  consumption and services including information providing and awareness raising on the responsive consumption to the society and concern which recently was ununited, decentralised and duplicated. By the reasons, it is essential to develop Sustainable Consumption and Production Roadmap of Lao PDR to identify plans, priority activities and responsibilities ensuring the unity of implementation and support including systematic report, monitoring and evaluation mechanism development ensuring the sustainable consumption and production concern are systematic, particle, efficient and effective.

The vision of the roadmap of Lao PDR is:

"By 2030, Lao PDR will be a country consuming eco-goods and eco-services, stably economic development by applying clean productivity technology, renewable energy, energy efficiency, promote eco-tourism, good waste management of green and sustainable direction"

The objectives of  the raodmap is transforming consumption and production into sustainable by improving the efficiency of resource and energy use, increasing the consumption of sustainable products and services, reducing waste and promoting environmentally friendly tourism and integrating all aspects of education and all aspects of education in all dimensions containing 5 maian tasks such as:

1)       Develop and improve a policy framework for the implementation of sustainable consumption and production.

2)       Promote the production of environmentally friendly products

3)       Waste management

4)       Change consumption behaviour to a sustainable lifestyle 

5)       Promote eco-tourism services and environmental education


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