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Sustainable Consumption and Production – National Action Plan- SCP NAP

  • Published on January 7, 2020
The key objective of development of SCP NAP was to establish the sectoral baseline and costing of key interventions and activities under as per the prioritized sectors in the context of Pakistan. Another important aspect was to set the directions for SCP implementation initially as a pilot and then scaling up the successful models under the SCP. One such example in Green Building Codes and then taking it as an implementation in Public sector building.
The SCP NAP has set the direction and listed the sectoral interventions for all the stakeholders. As all the interventions are costed it is easier to plan and organise the yearly target while focusing on the sectoral outcomes. The document is providing the directions for all the stakeholders who would like to take SCP implementation. Although there is a need to regularly review the documents and update if there are requirements

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