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Strategy 2021 - 2024 Global Programme Food Security (GPFS)

  • Published on February 8, 2022

This policy supports transformation towards sustainable, resilient and healthy food systems in line with agroecological principles, from production to consumption, to achieve food security and nutrition, realising the right to adequate food for all, in particular for women and young smallholder farmers and disadvantaged urban consumers in LICs and LMICs.

Making reference to the Agenda 2030 as a major orientation framework and in particular to SDG 1, 2 and 12, the programme considers thematic entry points or components that all contribute to sustainable consumption and production :

-          Improved global governance (more equitable, participative, inclusive, responsible)

-          Agroeocology (as a way to improve production but also to reconnect consumers and producers)

-          Inclusive agricultural and food market systems (shortened, local food value chains from producers to consumers, the use of renewable energy for food production, processing and distribution, reduced food waste and food waste recycling into organic fertiliser, in line with a strengthened circular economy; responsible investment)

-          Improved diets for healthy nutrition (improve consumers’ access to food that is sustainably produced, available, affordable and desirable for a healthy, safe and diversified diet)

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