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Soil Conservation Action Plan

  • Published on February 14, 2023

The Soil Conservation Action Plan supports the Sustainable Consumption and Production by making food production more environmental friendly, convinsing farmers to apply soil conservation land management practices, amending and mitigating soil degradation factors in order to keep food production and consumption safe and sustainable for generations.

In 2022 the development of the most important part of the Soil Conservation Action Plan, the Farmers' Soil Conservation Program continued. Pursuant to the Program all land users will investigate and take stock of soil degradation problems on their farmlands. Soil conservation experts and the network of soil conservation authority will assist land users in this work. The Program is linked to the establishment of the Central Soil Database called ”SoilWeb” where soil test results will be collected, evaluated, processed and published. This Program will create a scientifically based practical soil conservation action plan for the arable land. The implementation of the Program will be supported by tenders,experts and economic actors. The outcomes will be evaluated by farmers, experts and soil conservation officers in five-year cycles. In order to share the good experience with other farmers regional demo farms - acting like lighting towers - are planned to organise. This Program can help us to reach our targeted SDGs. 

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