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Slovenia’s Smart Specialisation Strategy

  • Published on February 23, 2018
Smart specialisation is a platform for concentrating development investments in areas where Slovenia has the critical mass of knowledge, capacities and competences and where there is innovation potential for placing Slovenia within global markets and thus enhancing its recognisability.
S4 is an implementing document relating to the already-adopted strategic documents. S4 addresses all four objectives set under the existing Slovenia’s Development Strategy for the 2006-2013 period which pertain to establishing an “innovative knowledge society” for which Slovenia has already identified three key field-specific strategies, namely the Research and Innovation Strategy of Slovenia 2011-2020 (RISS), Slovenian Industry Policy (SIP) and Digital Agenda, as well as other specific and relevant strategies in the field of nature protection, energy, education, etc. Slovenia’s guidelines are thus integrated and outlined in a more concrete manner within a single and a consistent framework facilitating the implementation of focused and synergistic measures.

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