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Seed Ambassadors: Building an International Network to Advance Organic Seed Systems

  • Published on February 16, 2022

FiBL was also strongly involved as co-organiser of the pre-conference "Seed Ambassadors: Building an International Network to Advance Organic Seed Systems", which was well attended. Building up strong and far-reaching local and international networks, including training of seed professionals as well as tackling governance and seed policy issues is key for a more sustainable consumption and production.

The workshop "Seed Ambassador" was organised to build up and strengthen an international network to advance organic seed systems. The first day led participants to demonstration fields of the French Agronomic Institute INRAE and the Technical Institute of Organic Agriculture ITAB. Using carrot and buckwheat, participants explored on-farm seed stewardship, plant breeding and culinary evaluation methodologies, including a first-hand tasting. A video of the field tour was provided for online participants. On the second day, participants developed concrete action points through interactive and participatory workshops. The outcomes underlined the importance for agro-ecosystem and social resilience. This includes the training of seed professionals, building local and international networks as well as tackling governance and seed policy issues. These points will be further elaborated in working groups of the IFOAM Seeds Platform. The pre-conference was also an occasion to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the European Consortium for Organic Plant Breeding (ECO-PB). The Organic Seed Alliance (OSA) supported the pre-conference and accompanied online participants on the Organic Seed Commons platform – where discussions continue also after the event has ended. A strong organic seed system leads to more and better adapted seeds for sustainable production, more knowledge and better knowledge transfer to many people which leads to a fast shift to sustainable production and consumption.

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