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Roadmap for Circular Economy in Serbia

  • Published on February 11, 2022

Roadmap for Circular Economy in Serbia is a process aiming to gather, promote and connect the identified stakeholders whose knowledge, innovation and creativity can contribute to a faster transition to circular economy. 

We do not have data on how much may be been saved by implementing this policy. 


A Roadmap for circular economy in Serbia is a process intended to get to know, promote and put together the recognized stakeholders able to contribute by their knowledge, innovativeness, and creativity to a faster transition to circular economy. This document is guidance for transition to a model of circular economy focusing, apart from the profit, on the protection of the environment and preservation of resources. Economic, social, and ecological dimensions are equally valuable.

The purpose of the Roadmap is to encourage consumption and production through application of circular business models, to motivate industry to create new work posts, and to advance doing business by detecting innovative, sustainable solutions on the market. This document is intended to instigate the society to systemic changes in thinking, culture, and attitude vis-a-vis the resources, and also to encourage the decision-makers to commit politically to amend public policies and dialogues in the context of circular economy.

This is an initial document to put in motion a dialogue between the decision-makers and representatives of industry, academic sector, and civil society, aimed at defining future transition steps and a time framework for doing business without waste, by using digital tools.

The European Union has adopted a set of documents that provide guidance to the member states for a transition from the linear to circular economy. The Green Deal and The Action Plan for Circular Economy are the last in this set. As the Republic of Serbia is on its way to membership in the Union, it will be complying with the recommendations in this regard in the forthcoming period involving a series of activities including, inter alia, a draw-up of the Roadmap 2.0 for circular economy.

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