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Resolution on water deposits - Revision of the Paraguayan law on Payments for Ecosystems Services

  • Published on February 11, 2022

Producers raised the need to review the existing Law 3001 on environmental services, in order to exempt the creation of water deposits (tajamares) from the list of activities with bad environmental externalities for which the producers have to compensate through the purchasing of environmental services certifications. The creation of such water deposits, in fact, erroneously fell under the list of activities with high impact on the environment as it entails the moving of large amount of soil, traditionally linked with constructions and big infrastructures that could potentially harm the environment. However, it was recognized that the tajamares have no negative environmental externalities and actually provide a positive impact through water provision for wild fauna. This revision of the law on Payment for Ecosystems Services will then make the law more accurate and accepeted by stakeholders, while removing a disencentive to have tajamares, which are actually used as part of silvo-pastoral systems/sustainable production.

Water deposits are used in silvo-pastoral systems and have a positive impact on biodiversity through the provision of water for wild fauna. Removing disencentives around these water tanks is then part of the effort to support sustainable beef production.

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