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Renew the house

  • Published on February 10, 2022

Climate change affects our lives both directly and indirectly. By renovating 30 thousand houses, we will increase resilience to its negative impacts, improve the energy performance of buildings and begin to adapt to climate change, which is one of the biggest environmental challenges of our time.

The implementation of the renovation of family houses has a clear objective to support a total of at least 30 thousand households in 2022-26, which are older family houses. Owners will be able to renovate their family home by improving the thermal insulation properties of the building envelope and replacing inefficient heat and hot water sources with high-efficiency equipment, or by installing new renewable energy or waste heat ventilation equipment.

We plan to support:

renovation of family houses already completed, the renovation of which will not start until after the date set out in the eligibility conditions.

upcoming projects that will be implemented after the first call is published in 3Q 2022 and the application for support is submitted.

The renovation of family houses is carried out by the Slovak Environmental Agency, which belongs to the Ministry of the Environment.


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