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Prohibition of the destruction of unsold products

  • Published on February 21, 2023

The objective is to ban a wasteful practice (the destruction of unsold products).

The 2020 law against waste and for the circular economy bans the disposal of non-food unsold products, i.e. landfilling or incineration (including energy recovery). Producers, importers and distributors are required to reuse or recycle their unsold products, in compliance with the waste treatment hierarchy. Priority is given to reuse, notably through donations to the social sector.

 The ban is enforced (through a decree adopted on 28-12-20) in two steps. It applies:


- since January 1, 2022, to products covered by an extended producer responsibility scheme (EPR) that was established before February 11, 2020 (household packaging, graphic papers, electrical and electronic equipment, furniture, textile, batteries, chemical products, tires, vehicles, etc.), hygiene and childcare products, food storage and cooking equipment, educational and leisure products as well as books and school supplies


- to all other products starting from December 31, 2023.

This policy allows for savings of natural resources and of waste. It is also related to more sustainable business practices. 

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