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Programme of measures promoting sustainable administrative action ('Maßnahmenprogramm Nachhaltigkeit der Bundesregierung')

  • Published on November 21, 2019
On 30 March 2015, the Committee of State Secretaries for Sustainable Development decided to further develop the "Programme of measures promoting sustainable administrative action " adopted on 6 December 2010. With this programme, the Federal Government is consistently pursuing its goal of following the guideline of sustainable development in its own administrative activities and fulfilling its exemplary function as well. Public procurement based on the principle of sustainability and the sustainable organisation of events: These are just two aspects from the programme of measures promoting sustainable administrative action. With this programme, which comprises a total of twelve packages of measures, the Federal Government wants to take account of its own responsibility for sustainable development. Implementation of the program is coordinated by the Federal Chancellery. Whether an energy-efficient vehicle fleet, the purchase of green electricity or compliance with ecological and social criteria in the procurement of textiles and wood products, public procurement can make a significant contribution to strengthening sustainability. Among other things, the programme of measures stipulates that suitable sustainability criteria must be taken into account in framework agreements concluded by the Federal Department Store (KdB). A monitoring report is published each year and the programme is further developed every four years. The monitoring report shows the progress achieved by 11 measures. Some of these measures include quantified targets. 1. further alignment of federal real estate with requirements of the Sustainable Building Rating System. 2. climate protection measures as a contribution towards a climate-neutral federal administration 3. expanding the use of renewable energies (heat supply) in federal buildings 4. drawing up an energy refurbishment roadmap for federal real estate 5. aligning the use and operation of federal real estate with energy/environmental management systems 6. Further alignment of public procurement with the guiding principle of sustainable development 7. Inclusion of sustainability criteria for canteen operations 8. Measures to further reduce and compensate for transport-related and location-related CO2 emissions (especially for commuting, business trips). 9. Greater consideration of sustainability criteria in the organisation of events by federal ministries and subordinate authorities 10. Measures to improve the compatibility for employees with families and care responsibilities as well as the equal participation of women and men in management positions. 11. Intercultural opening of the administration - pilot survey on migrant backgrounds
The guiding principle of sustainable development must also be reflected in administrative action. This is illustrated not only by the necessary role exemplary function of the public administration; its activities themselves also have relevant effects on the dimensions of sustainable development. With an annual procurement volume of more than € 500 billion, the public sector plays a decisive role in the procurement of sustainable products and services.

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