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Produce local, consume local

  • Published on February 27, 2023

we operate in an environment which has  low temperature for most of the year. So we have built a polyhouse which can function all year. What we do is we plant basic vegetables, used frequently in hotels food like cabbage, cauliflower, potato, tomato etc.

Though it cannot be fully relied upon but to a certain extent the hotel operations related to F&B are managed comfortably. Especially during lean season this is very beneficial.

In case of more demand, we tie up with local farmers nearby, so that they can supply the food and vegetable items.

idea here is, we are producing locally, procuring locally,  and help our customers consume local food.

We try to use as much organic manure as fertilizers like cow dung, vermi compost etc. Drip system is employed for irrigation which helps us save water. In the near future, rain water harvesting would be implemented to maintain this drip system.


what we feel  by growing our own fruits and vegetables, we can decrease transportation pollution by minimizing the need for vehicle use. Also,we eliminate package waste which also decreases manufacturing emissions. Controlled cropping in a polyhouse ensures higher yield, less water, labour, fertilizer usage in a limited area as in comparison to a wider open area which would results in more resourse wastage.

We also our encoraging local purchase of as many materials required for our business. On our part we believe we have cut not essential travel related to purchasing.

The essence of our cropped items has been kept as much organic as we can. Our guests our choosing to have a vegetarian diet, owing to the fresh vegetable being grown inhouse and the organic nature of it. Thereby direct impact on carbon footprint reduction due to vegetarian meals can be seen.

Usage of more and more organic fertilizer, vermi compost and naturally prepared pesticides/insecticides also ensures are decreasing reliance on chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

As discussed, we are making use of drip irrigation sytem to save water and use it in most effiecient way. In the near future, rain water harvesting would be implemented to maintain this drip system.




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