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Policy Guidelines on the Delivery of Greening Program in Green Schools across K to 12 Curriculum

  • Published on February 20, 2021
The policy guidelines aim to teach deliberately sustainable development through the acquisition of green skills and 21st century skills are acquired by the learners in the teaching-learning process. It also covers quarterly assessment of performance which includes greening activities within the classrooms, campus, and communities, focus on delivery of the greening program through the teaching and learning process across the curriculum in all grade levels in both private and public elementary and secondary schools, appropriate and relevant teaching strategies and approaches for the development of green skills among learners.
Holistically developed 21st Century " Sustainable Champion" in every student who will ignite the spark in their classroom, campus and household, and community by translating environmental awareness into practice in daily lifestyle, and revitalized and strengthened advocacy on Education for Sustainable Development and Green Jobs.

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